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The baby at the age of 5 months

 TAGS:Time goes by so quickly. Your baby is already 5 months old and grows quickly. For sure it will be perfect and will always have a big smile on its face. During the first months babies use to smile a lot, especially if they see their parents or other familiar faces.

It is also the time they start eating baby food. Baby food has to be combined with maternal milk or artifical milk we will fill into the baby bottles. It is possible that the baby adapts in a fast way or  needs some more time to get used to them.

A baby won't be sleeping all the time now as it used to do when it was three months old. During the night it will be sleepier and will be able to sleep 7 or 8 hours in a row (it depends on the child whether it sleeps or needs to be feeded every 4 hours). During the day, it will sleep one hour and a half, depending on how tired it is.

During these months, mothers use to go back to work and some babies have to go to kindergarten if they don't have anyone looking after them during the day. In kindergarten the baby will be feeded, looked after and it will play interactive games to stimulate its mind.

For the time it will be 6 montsh old, it will need new clothes as the baby is growing and old clothes don't fit anymore. We recommend you to buy bigger clothes that will fit for  a longer time.

To teach the baby how to crawl, we should stimulate it by placing it face down in order to make it move and use the hands and feet for that purpose. It's possible that at the age of 5 months it might already have some teeth, it all depends on its development. It's a difficult period because the growth of teeth is painful and our baby will need more attention.

Now that the baby's mobility is bigger, a baby playpen is an important accessoire. Are you interested in buying cheap baby playpens? Check out our offers!

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