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The baby in its second month

 TAGS:One of the hardest times for the parents has already started. Once the baby is two months old, it has already become familiar with home and parents got used to its routine. Although it is still early, it will be great if the baby already had established hours: like when to eat, when to sleep, when to take it for a walk...

The baby is still very small and fragile and will spend most time of the day sleeping in the crib and eating. It may be that it already shows a certain interest for its environment and for the loved ones, like its family, parents, grandparents and people it sees every day.

Although it is not exact, it might be that the baby will laugh for the first time. It's a special moment that excites because it is actually a direct connection between the baby and its parents. The smile is pronounced and it is a reaction of the baby to its environment. But don't confuse that smile with the fake smile of the newborns.

The doses in the second month are similar to the ones of the first month although they can be augmented in order that there is more space between one feeding time and another. The baby takes exclusively breast milk although it can be complemented with baby bottles with artificial milk for new borns.

We should be careful with its head and neck because there are some bones that still have to develop and that are still soft. At the same time we can place the baby facedown so that it gets used to crawl and move arms and hands.

In this month we have to get back to the pediatrician to make some further controls during which the baby will be weighted and measured. In this month it will also get vaccinated. Some of them are free but others have to be paid because they are not covered by Social Security.

Our pediatrician will explain us how to buy them and will be responsible for vaccinating our baby in this second month.

That's the best period of your baby because you will see it growing day by day. Enjoy it! We recommend you two toys for the crib to make it always feels relaxed.

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