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The best drinks for pregnancy

 TAGS:During this beautiful period, we must be careful about our food and it also includes drinks, in order to take care of our baby’s health. (And ours!)

The water is quite essential because during pregnancy, we spent plenty of fluids. You should drink a lot more water than you usually do in other conditions, in order to give enough of it to your baby. The body is going to use a lot more of this fluid during 9 months.

Anyway, when we have eaten something heavy that is hard to digest, it is recommended to drink large amounts of water. Fruit juices will accompany us in this beautiful period of time. If it can be natural, much better, vitamins that give us oranges are particularly good to avoid weakness during all these months.

The advantage of fruit juices is that we can have it for breakfast, as a dessert, and during the evening before bedtime. Lemon juices are recommended to help alleviate the nausea and vomiting that appear in early pregnancy.

Like fruits, milk is perfect during pregnancy. It provides the essential calcium for women and children, and prepares us for breastfeeding.

Teas and coffees are absolutely not recommended when you are pregnant. Caffeine can disrupt the process of the proper development of the baby. Only doctor can value ??the amount of coffee we can take a day. Alcohol is prohibited at this stage, but if we take two sips of wine during a celebration, it will cause no harm to your baby.

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