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The best positions for breastfeeding a baby

 TAGS:The topic of breastfeeding is concerning a lot of young women who have become mums for the first time. There are many questions running through their heads as how many times they should breastfeed or which position ist the best for doing it. Another important thing to keep in mind is to think about the right accessories that are important for the baby's hygiene and health.

 There are two main positions that are advised to mothers from doctors and nurses  when giving birth to their babies. The lying position or the sitting position. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

The lying position induces the mother to lie sideways in an angle of 45 degrees to the baby. In one arm she holds the baby and with the other one she takes the breast to its mouth. The baby should be breastfeeded with the breast that is closer to the arm in which the baby is lying.

The sitting position is one of the most comfortable for breastfeeding. You should stretch your legs and prop them up. You hold the baby and bring it closer to the breast next to the baby. In this position it is really important to sit in a straight position otherwise you could face problems with your spine in future.

These are the most recommended positions but always keep in mind that that the best position for you is the one you and your baby feel comfortable with. Normally you start with breastfeeding while lying down and then you go over to a sitting position. But everything depends on the needs of mother and child.

The most important thing is to use proper products that help to protect the nipples of the mother and protect the baby.

Of course not only the position of  breastfeeding matters. It is fundamental to check if the baby took the milk and the containing nutrients. If the mother discovers that the baby is not gaining weight it means that something is wrong. Normally babies maintain their  birth weight  for seven or ten days. After that they usually gain between 150 and 250 grams per week. With a baby balance it can easily be weighed.

It could also be that the baby doesn't feel sated after being breastfeeded and that it starts to cry. Normally the time in- between breastfeeding should be one or two hours which should be enough for keeping the baby sated. 

The use of an extractor for breast milk into which the breast milk is pumped, is highly recommended. In this way the baby can take that special milk although the mother is not there. For mothers who work and are travelling a lot the extractor is very useful.

Another reason for crying could be that you forgot to change the nappies of the baby which should be done every six hours.

For further questions you should ask your pediatrician who can inform you about the things to keep in mind to assure the perfect start into life to the baby.

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