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The first visit to the pediatrician


When the baby is born, at the same hospital where the mother and son remain before leaving, a pediatrician usually makes a general examination to check that everything is correct.

Furthermore, an audition test is performed to verify that the baby hears correctly, and the “heel test” where some blood is extracted for analysis and rule out diseases and more serious conditions. The result of the latter test usually arrives three weeks later by mail to the parents home.

Once we're home with our baby, we can arrange the first visit to the pediatrician, the sooner the better. On this first visit, the baby's weight will be checked, especially for those who are born underweight and have lost some weight in the hospital, a fairly normal fact at birth.

The baby is also measured and a general examination is performed to rule out eventual heart murmurs and anomalies in the hips. It's normal if our doctors ask to make hip ultrasounds, it's a routine test that is usually done at birth.

On this first visit, we will be asked if we're breastfeeding, and they will advise us on feeding bottles or formula in the case that the mother will not feed the baby exclusively with breast milk.

Although vaccinations are made from the second month, they may already inform us about it. Generally, the baby will come back to the pediatrician every week until the first month, when visits turn usually monthly, if everything is correct.

To avoid going to the emergency room unnecessarily, it's in these visits when we can ask whatever we want and alert the doctor about things that are not normal for us (the baby just sleeps, the baby is not eating right, feces are of a strange color, watery eyes...).

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