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The most convenient nipples

 TAGS:We all know that the baby bottle will sooner or later become an important part of the alimentation of our baby. Maternal breastfeeding is the most adequated alimentation but the feeding bottle is an extra accessory which is necessary in most cases. That's why the right nipple is very important.

The first thing to keep in mind is the age of your child. The age is fundamental because the speed of the liquid flow will depend on it. For small babies the most appropriated nipples are the ones with slow flow. While it's growing you can buy new nipples so that the baby doesn't have to make to much effort when eating.

Some brands as Avent offer us nipples with variable flow. That means that the speed of the flow varies according to the adopted position.They are used in the same way as normal nipples but before feeding your child with it you have to be sure that it is in the right position otherwise it could get stuck.

Other things you have to keep in mind are the form of the nipple. There are physiological ones and round ones...opt for those who dissimulate the breast of the woman because then it will be more difficult for the baby to miss it. On the other hand you have to make sure that they are made out of secure materials and without BPA.Of course you will notice from the baby which nipple it prefers. It's also very important that it fits on the feeding bottle, much better if they are of the same brand.

The nipple is different if you feed your child with milk (or water) or cereals. Nipples for cereals or for thicker, the ones for food are brighter in order to avoid that they get plugged.

We can observe that there are nipples of rubber and silicone on the market. The ones made out of rubber are darker and more yellow while the ones of silicone are transparent or white. They are both good for the baby and resistent. The most important difference is the texture. The ones of rubber are softer and the ones of silicone harder and more rigid. Personally I prefer the ones of silicone because they are harder and more rigid. In the ones of silicone you can see easily if they are clean but many babies prefer a more natural texture as the one of the rubber.

 We can recommend you two nipples prefered by Babibum:

 TAGS:Avent Nipples Flow Variable + 3mAvent Nipples Flow Variable + 3m

Avent Nipples Flow Variable + 3m, ideal for a variable flow starting from the third month


 TAGS:Nipples Avent newbornNipples Avent newborn

Nipples Avent newborn, for the first month.

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