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The packing list for the hospital


We are so nervous waiting for the moment in which our baby will be born that sometimes we don't have time to think about what to take to the hospital for the newborn.

Usually when we plan a few weeks before admission, the medical center will give us a list of what we have to bring. Something that they will also give us -in the event that we do- in the childbirth preparation course.

This list contains the clothes and accessories that the baby will need during his first days of life. We have to be proactive and have ready this packing list a few weeks before the expected date of delivery in case we have to run.

In the baby's bag we'll normally put diapers, wipes, diaper cream, baby soap with a sponge and a hairbrush, although the latter is rarely used too.

Sighted mothers sure will also take other series of accessories that will be given to the newborn during these weeks. Really not so many things are needed, and if something is missing, a family member can always bring it to the hospital.

The baby clothes it is essential. Take three bodies (long sleeve and short sleeve) because, regardless of the time when the baby is born, after leaving the womb of the mother they have a lowest temperature and can be a little cold. Two pants, a long sleeved shirt, a hat and socks.

Pijamas can also be fine, but with the bodies the issue is resolved. Surely, he will not wear many of these clothes. Other parents will want to put him or her a dress or some modern pants. In any case, it’s not the time, but it always amuses us.

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