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The weight in pregnancy


One of the issues that most concern women from the time they know they are pregnant is how their body will change from now.

And with it, the weight, since some women almost do not gain weight in nine months of pregnancy, while others can exceed 20 extra kilos.

The most typical situation is to gain between 10 and 15 kilos, but it all depends on the constitution, nutrition and habits of the mother.

In general, the increase is 1 kilo and a half per month, so about 11 kilos in the final stages of pregnancy. Some women do not almost gain weight in the first trimester and then increase significantly in the third and final trimester. Others do the opposite. Neither one thing nor the other are not good, it's better to gain weight progressively.

Fortunately, during all checks carried out during the gestation stage, we will be weighed to see how pregnancy it's developing and they will give us the right tips, whether we are not gaining weight or we are gaining too much.

A low weight may indicate that the mother is not feeding properly and this will cause the baby's low weight and may even be premature. Moreover, if the mother gains weight excessively, diabetes issues and breathing problems may occur; although these statements don't follow a rule, because as we discussed earlier, it all depends on the circumstances of the mother.

There are cases in which a pregnant woman just don't gain weight and the baby develops nicely and even reaches 3 or more kilos finally. And so the contrary. For those who are concerned about the weight, it's best to follow a strict nutrition diet and get some exercise, always guided by your doctor.

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