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Top 3 best plush toys for your baby


Plush toys are not just toys! Although it seems a game, cuddly toys has an important mission to fulfill in the development of a baby. Many psychologists talk about their role as a transitional object, to alleviate the feeling of abandonment by the lack of the continued presence of mom and dad, which after 6 months may or should not be continued.

And the choice of a plush toy or another is not trivial: the plush are toys that eventually become custodians of much of the love of our babies, and the form, materials and the plush texture significantly affect the way we perceive the world. You want to know what are the 3 babies’ favorites plush? Let me introduce you to the three best-selling plush on Babibum:

3. The green and soft cuddly toy

 TAGS:Dou Dou Burrito Egmont ToysDou Dou Burrito Egmont Toys

Dou Dou Burrito Egmont Toys



 2. Mouse for ever!

 TAGS:Dou Dou Raton Egmont ToysDou Dou Raton Egmont Toys

Dou Dou Raton Egmont Toys



1. The best-seller: A lovely snail

 TAGS:Dou Dou Caracol Egmont ToysDou Dou Caracol Egmont Toys

Dou Dou Caracol Egmont Toys




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