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Twins, double satisfaction

 TAGS:It is common to hear newlyweds to comment on the day they will have a baby and more, expressing their desire to have two to fill the spaces in the family that they want to start building. Well this time we will talk about the happy parents who have been doubly fortunate and wait for the arrival of twins.

The so-called identical or fraternal twins are conceived in the same period of time, sharing the womb of the mother, may be conceived at different times and always born about the same time. The 2% of human pregnancies are twins and in Spain 1 in 80 pregnancies are twins, they are gestated in the womb together and this, by its limited size prevents complete the regular time period of 40 weeks of pregnancy, ahead three weeks earlier than normal.

The twins can become fraternal twins or identical twins. In the first case they share the gestation period but may possess traits and even different genders, sharing 50% of their genes, and in the second case, may coincide in all its features and genders. The embryo caused by the fertilization of the egg accidentally divided into two parts.

If you are waiting for twins, you must buy the essential for twins that will allow you to take your little twins easily for a walk, medical appointments with the pediatrician or simple a family visit:

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