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Types of intercomms on the market

Most parents worry whether their child is alright, especially when it is sleeping in TAGS: another room. To calm down the parents, many different types of intercomms have been invented. They permit to keep an eye on the baby from another room and to assure that everything is alright. All that for the safety of the newborn.

Nowadays you can find devices on the market that permit a continued observation of the baby. The most important aspects when buying intercomms are their size, their price, their functions and of course the range. Among the wide range of products you will find an adequate one for sure.

Before buying you have to decide if you just want to hear the sounds of the baby or if you prefer to observe it with a videocamera or even with movement sensors to make sure that it is moving. When choosing a model with a camera, you have to be sure that the display is in colour or in black and white and its size is about 8 inch, as the one of Miniland.

There are also intercomms that have incorporated lullabies and an additional light, as the one of Fisher Price. If you are a frequent traveller, then you should consider more compact models or those in a small bag for transport.

The best option are intercomms that work with batteries or electric current. Of course in an emergency case, as for example in power cuts, they should also work with batteries.

But the decisive factor when buying an intercomm is its range. One should be really careful as the range  sometimes refers to an outdoor area, while we use intercomms inside most of the time. Another important thing is to make sure that it is equipped with an anti-interference technology to permit a clear signal in a video or audio format and parents can stay calm. The intercomms of Avent are among the completest ones, most of all because of their Dect tecnology, which is very reliable.

Should we recommend you some intercomms? These are our recommendations:

 TAGS:Intercomm Digimonitor 7Intercomm Digimonitor 7" Miniland Baby

Intercomm Digimonitor 7" Miniland Baby, with a videocamera and monitor.


 TAGS:Intercomm digital with camera JanéIntercomm digital with camera Jané

Intercomm digital with camera Jané, a good option.

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