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Underwear for the baby

For sure in our role asparents we want  our children to be well dressed and we  TAGS:are likely to buy them all kind of clothes and accessories but we shouldn't forget that for being well dressed and feeling warm, the adequate underwear is important. Even before their birth, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the baby's underwear.

During the first days we have to be extremely careful and only use natural materials (before dressing the newborn we should have washed everything with a neutral soap). It's important that the baby feels warm and for that purpose the best option is the body.

Bodies offer a good protection against cold because although the clothes can change position, the body willprotect the baby from the inside. They have easy zip fasteners so that you don't have to place the baby's face down to dress it. In this way we can change nappies easily without the necessity to change underwear.

During the first months and most of all if we are not that experienced we we willneed more bodies and we will probably need more than one if we don't want  to spend the whole time washing. They could have pissed or poohed inside or vomited or it could happen that milk drips down while eating and in this way they will leave the body dirty.

For autumn or spring months when it's neither cold nor warm, we can dress our baby with a cotton vest, nappies and underpants. If our child is a girl we can choose a model with laces or drawings and therefore when holding it in our arms, if it raises, the dress will make a perfect ensemble with the rest.

We can use a bodies and underpants in winter and nappies or underpants when it's warmer outside. Quickly and without noticing it, they will reach the age to go to the bath on their own. From this moment on the best to do is training underwear which they can pull up and down like normal underwear but whose material is especially designed to stand the "little escapes" of our grown babies.

Should we get dressed for the winter? We recommend you a body for each one of you:

 TAGS:Body baby double-breasted Cambrass pinkBody baby double-breasted Cambrass pink

Body baby double-breasted Cambrass pink, good quality and price.



 TAGS:Body baby double-breasted Cambrass rabbit blueBody baby double-breasted Cambrass rabbit blue

Body baby double-breasted Cambrass rabbit blue, with a lovely desig

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