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We are parents... And now what? First tips

 - We leave the hospital with our son in arms
, we have received thousands of tips on what we should and should not do, but with so many emotions, we are virtually blank. But we don't care because we have our baby after nine months of eternal waiting.

Many parents feel excited and at the same time, somewhat disoriented during the early days when they become parents. From Babibum, we give some tips to be more relaxed.


  • First of all, take it easy, the arrival of a newborn requires new responsibilities and wanting to do everything at once will only end overwhelming us. Breathe and relax will serve as a basis for action.
  • Program the pediatrician. Slowly but surely, you can already schedule the first visit to the doctor to check how the baby is developing in the first days of life.
  • Rest. The first few days, the parents feel it's time to do many things. But, really, that's when you have to rest, especially when the mother has gone through a long labor.
  • Sleep about the same time that our baby. It's hard to take because babies usually sleep long hours, but then wake up and can be crying a while and you have to feed them. Try to sleep the hours they sleep or most of them, in order to rest together.
  • If in doubt, your doctor will respond. My baby is not eating enough? Does he sleep a lot? Does he cry too? It's normal to feel dazed, but you don't need to always go running to the emergency room. We could call the hospital or our doctor asking what is happening to our baby. Normally, it's nothing unusual and it's more about our fear of the unknown.
  • Leave the visits for later. To be more relaxed and spend all our attention to the baby, you better let the visits come home from the third week after the birth. Everything will be more calm and settled, and we'll be used to the "new" situation.

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