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We are pregnant. What is the first thing to keep in mind?

 TAGS:Since you first found out that you are pregnant, you start thinking about the necessities of the baby. The idea that your baby will only have the things you give to him might be frightening. There is a large market dedicated to babies with thousands of different products but you have to keep calm and think that you will not need everything.


The most important thing is to keep the illusion and wait before buying. This wait will be an active wait. Investigate, inform yourself and speak to mothers of your neighbourhood. In this way you will find out what things will be more useful than others and they might give helpful advice on some brands.

It is convenient to make a list, not only with the things you are thinking to buy,  but also with what you want to change at your home when the baby arrives. A good idea is to think about dead lines, for example, before the 5th of august empty the room the new born is going to sleep in. To think about that be aware that in the last months of pregnancy you might not feel that well or comfortable.

The basic stuff you have to have before your baby is born is:

  • The clothes you will take to hospital
  • The pushchair
  • The car seat
  • A small cradle for when you come home
  • And of course you should not forget the basic hygienic products ( swadling clothes, small towels, gauzes...) But it is not necessary to buy those things much in advance, approximately three months before the birth date is enough.

The push chair and the chair for the car are really important. You have time during the whole pregnancy to choose. Don't get tired of asking and comparing. Once you have chosen a model, the best thing to do is looking for offers, outlet stores or second hand shops, as they are cheaper. But keep in mind that some models will only arrive a few days later. That might happen as well with the furniture for the room.

Don't buy things you might not need. Ask your gynaecologist for the list of the layette, you will see that in a private clinic they normally tell you more things than in a public one. Ask the midwifes for help, they will tell you what is useful. It will give you much illusion buying stuff for your baby but don't hurry and avoid not necessary purchases.

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