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What to do when your baby is crawling out of the crib?

 TAGS:If your baby is now in this period of life in which it is trying to jump out of the crib

it's normal that you as a parent will worry. Especially at night you will feel afraid and wonder if everything's alright. In this post I want to give you more information about the topic that is more common than supposed and there are some things you should keep in mind.

First of all you should be aware that by ignoring the problem it could get worse as it might be a cause for accidents and the baby could get seriously hurt when falling out of the crib or running around the house without being supervised.

Some solutions:

- Sleeping bags: The majority of the babies will try to escape from their cribs when they are one year old but some of them start doing so already at the age of 8 or 9 months and as a consequence they punch themselves. In those cases sleeping bags for babies as the Cambrass 74 might be a solution as legs and feet of the baby are enclosed but at the same time it permits them to sleep comfortly.

- Avoid crib tents: They are elaborated as tents and  the upper side of the crib is covered with a protection cover  avoiding that the baby crawls out. It has been demonstrated that the risk tht that the baby gets strangled is high and therefore I don't recommend this option.

- Pull down the mattress: Try to place the mattress of the crib at the lowest level to avoid that the baby crawls out of the crib.

- Replace the crib by a bed: When the baby is over a year old and keeps on trying to crawl out of the crib, the most reasonable option migth be buying a bed. It could be any type of bed but should have barriers. An interesting option would be the one of Jané.

The best moment to start this change is when the baby is about two years old because at that age sleeping in a crib in not comfortable anymore and they cannot rest as they used to do before. If you want, you can buy a bed already when the baby is 18 months old if other solutions as sleeping bags have not led to good results.

Do you want to buy a bed for your baby? Check out the bed barriers we propose:

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Barrier Bed Jané foldable de 140cm



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